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Cargo bikes

Neklan Cargo Bikes are built handmade with the highest accuracy from the first sketches through the TIG welding to the finishing and the selection of the finest accessories. Try our basic models which are designed to cover the most usual needs, or get an offer from us for any custom bicycle or tricycle frame.

The Cargo Story

"Approximately 60% of urban trips are related to transport of goods (this really amazing for large-scale deliveries by truck as simply to bring her home runs). By transferring the spatial distribution of supplies to less than 500 kg two-wheeled non-motorized transport logistics bike will significantly improve the quality of life in our communities.

In fact, 42% of deliveries motorized (representing 25% of all trips) in the city could be provided by the transport logistics bike."

    Below is a list of the main advantages of freight bicycle compared to a motorized van (from a comprehensive study of Transport for London, 2009)
  1. Lower costs: after purchasing lower management costs occur (taxes, insurance, storage) and no parking costs. GobaX, a German manufacturer of cargo bikes, has calculated that a pizzeria could save 6300 euros each year by choosing to deliver pizzas by bike rather than by car. The project has also produced CycleLogistics similar economic analysis for cargo bikes.
  2. The speed even in case of congestion: bicycles are much less affected by traffic conditions automobile as vans and are therefore faster and more reliable (you want proof? Enjoy the journey of a cargo bike in the streets London).
  3. Allowed even in car-free areas: narrow alleys, streets for cyclists or denied access during the day? No problem for cargo bikes! See the example of Cambridge (UK), where Outspoken Delivery offers its services to more than 200 local businesses. Recently, the company won an award for his contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of the city.
  4. Less environmental impact: notably through the reduction of CO2 emissions. The University of Westminster calculated a potential reduction of 62% of these in the center of London. The postal company Hajtás Pajtás in Budapest (Hungary) has to disappear 100 cars of this capital, which would have save 150 tonnes of CO2 annually.
  5. Green image, a factor of social cohesion, additionally no license is required to ride a bike! In Bucharest (Romania), a collection service of waste paper by cargo bike employs disadvantaged people, as a springboard for integration to the labor market.
  6. A better quality of life: no noise, more space for everyone to move.

Freight carrying bicycles are not linked to age, nor gender nor weather. They can carry food, children, goods, etc. Neklan Cargo Bikes produces well-made, life long lasting cargo bikes.


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Custom Cargo Bikes & Trailers

For lighter and more adaptable structure we are also specialized in trailer construction.

Fun Bikes

Recycling and cycling is a world-famous mixture. Probably there isn't any shape of a bicycle frame which isn't yet invented somewhere on this lovely planet, proving us, that a safety bike cannot be the limit of the infinite human mind.

You're welcome at the workshop with any crazy idea. Must have a swinger-bike, or eager to have a vertical tandem? Can't live without a chopper bike? We have the biggest experience in building freak bikes all around Middle-Europe, so don't hesitate to contact us.

All the freakbikes, which we have been built so far, can be found on the facebook pages!

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